Cultureflo Consulting

We help people plan for and execute change in intentional and positive ways while cultivating and embedding change & leadership skills

Cultureflo provides a broad array of organization development consulting services.  For Cultureflo it is all about relationships first, we believe quality relationships lead to quality results.  Check out the website to get a feel for Cultureflo's work and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

"The only constant is change" 

I love it when people ask me what I do.

At the most basic level Cultureflo exists to help people plan for and execute on change.  Whether it is an individual, a group, a team, an organization, or an entire community Cultureflo is here to support you with experiencing change in a positive and meaningful way.   I always start with building relationships based on honesty and trust.  From there together we will use proven science and hard data to develop right sized engagements and change processes.


Here are some concrete examples of projects I have done.

  • Custom trainings on coaching and interpersonal skills for a municipal government
  • Team building retreats with a focus on skills for handling conflict for a service oriented department
  • 360 Leadership assessments & development workshops for a leadership team of a non-profit
  • Business plan development project to create a regional childcare program
  • HR Strategic program plan development and project management support for a private corporation
  • Board & Management retreats for healthcare organizations
  • Strategic planning for a tribal government, HR departments, Commercial lenders, etc.
  • Organization assessment for a non-profit
  • Various webinars and courses (Dealing with difficult employees, Understanding team dynamics and group process)
  • Key note speaker on "Leaders as Stewards of Culture" for the esidential Care Children and Youth summit in state of Alaska



To see the details of what Cultureflo can offer see our services & products page