Cultureflo Consulting

We help people plan for and execute change in intentional and positive ways while cultivating and embedding change & leadership skills

Cultureflo provides a broad array of organization development consulting services.  For Cultureflo it is all about relationships first, we believe quality relationships lead to quality results.  Check out the website to get a feel for Cultureflo's work and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Behavioral science and assessment


There is a lot of behavioral science that undergirds the work that Cultureflo does, so in many of my engagements I collect data and use proven assessment instruments to help discover what we need to know to make a successful engagement.  The list of types of assessments I can administer as part of your engagements found below at the very bottom of the page.  You will also find a comprehensive list of services Cultureflo offers, contact me to get started on your engagement.

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Team Building and Development


Whether you are launching a new project with a new team, want to get your department together for some minor adjustments and alignment, or have some serious teamwork and conflict issues Cultureflo will work with you to create a teambuilding engagement designed to be enjoyable and accomplish the goals you have for your team.  We will work together to see where your team is in the group formation stages and can always include any of the assessments below to help your team learn about how they can support each other better and perform at a higher level.

Strategic Planning

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Cultureflo's strategic planning process is designed to quickly move you through a robust conversation about current internal and external realities that allow you to make shrewd strategic decisions about the future of your organization.  It is holistic and takes into account complexity, resources, systems, and social structures that will need to be in place for the organization to carry out mission and move towards vision.

Cultureflo works at all levels in organizations to take ideas and turn them into realities.  Cultureflo works with:

  1. Boards and Executive Management Teams
  2. Departments (HR, IT, Service, Operations, Etc.)
  3. Tribal Governments
  4. Communities
  5. Cross functional teams
  6. Transorganizational groups (Many organizations or groups in a related geographic area, industry, or have other common interests that have a reason work together)

Custom Training and Development

Cultureflo can work with you to create custom trainings for your team, group, or organization.  We will partner together to create meaningful experiences that lead to lasting results.  As part of the training engagements Cultureflo always works with the groups to come up with practical ways to use their newly learned skills or information to help them in their day-to-day work lives.  Some examples of custom trainings Cultureflo has done are:

  1. Coaching and interpersonal skills for directors and managers
  2. Various Leadership development workshops
  3. High performance teams and performance management
  4. Group dynamics webinars
  5. Dealing with difficult employees
  6. Understanding & decoding your organizations culture
  7. Dealing with conflict

Project & Program Plan Development

Cultureflo has expertise in project and program plan development and can work with any group to create project and program plans that will lead to successful results.  We will work together to turn strategies into projects and align teams to accomplish common goals.  The project planning process is proven and Cultureflo marries standardized project management theory with organization development and behavioral science theory to allow your projects to include all relevant stakeholder inputs and create realistic plans that take into account the entire system the project will impact.  Lastly, processes are built-in that take the people into account and help with positive engagement along the way.  Here are some examples of projects Cultureflo has done in this area:

  1. HR Department 5 year operations & change program development
  2. IT Project Plan for 2 year system implementation
  3. Business plan roll out project plan

Organization Assessment and Design


Cultureflo works with clients to intentionally assess their entire organization, with a focus on making improvements.  The belief is that a good organization design supports and determines whether an organization experiences success in carrying out mission, executing strategy, or implementing projects.  I work with clients through a discovery process to assess current state and then to  ensure that their organization has the right systems, processes, people, and structure in place to align well to its objectives and environmental demands.

Process Design and Improvements

Good processes are a necessary part of good business, at Cultureflo I work with organizations to assess and improve their business processes through a facilitated process.  It is understood that building quality into processes is a necessary component and that quality in systems and processes is most impacted at points of interaction.  We bring all the players or stakeholders into the room to design quality interaction points and processes.


Business plan /Project Plan/ Program Plan/ Strategic Plan


We work with clients to write clear, concise, effective plan documents.  Whether you are launching a new business, trying to secure funding for a project, or creating a strategic plan documents Cultureflo can help you organize your ideas into meaningful documents.

Meeting facilitation and Keynote Speaking

Jered Stewart the primary consultant and founder of Cultureflo loves working with clients to facilitate meetings for groups large and small.  Whether you want to have a specially designed meeting, to shift meetings from complaint sessions to a positive results oriented experience or are looking to have an objective third party help you through a difficult issue Cultureflo can help.

Jered Stewart is also available to keynote at conferences or gatherings.  Recent speaking engagements topics were on culture and leadership.

Scientific Assessments and Instruments

Cultureflo can administer assessments in any of the following categories to help individuals, teams, and organizations learn more about themselves with the intention of improving relationships, teamwork and performance.  These are usually used in engagements to help our clients gain deeper understanding of their own behaviors and to be able to see how it may show up in their work and teams.  Cultureflo loves working with individuals, teams and organizations to help build the awareness required to create freedom of choice and the ability to change. 

  • Conflict - Learn about conflict styles through proven scientific psychometric assessments.  Can enhance team work, self awareness and help your organization or team develop conflict handling processes. (Example: TKI conflict mode instrument)
  • Personality types - Cultureflo has assessments to help you learn about your personality types and interpersonal styles and how they might impact your personal performance and that of your team or organization (Examples: MBTI, FIRO-B)
  • Leadership - Leaders can gain insights of behavior and potential blind spots and put together plans build leaderships skills. (Example: Leadership Practices Inventory)
  • Emotional Intelligence - Learn about emotional and social skills.  Enables you and your team or organization to see how this impacts work performance, and where improvements can be made. (Example: EQ-i, EISA)
  • Other assessments - there are many other assessments we have access to as well don't hesitate to ask how we can help you, your team, or organization learn more about its behavioral preferences in a measurable way.